Water Mitigation Services – A Cost Efficient Way To Restore Your Property

Water mitigation refers to various possible losses resulting from water penetrating where it does not allow proper attack of an infestable material or machine by destructive processes like rot, algae growth, corrosion of metal, rusting of metals, growth of fungi on timber, et al. It is the process of controlling the damage that is caused by water penetration and thus enabling water damage restoration to take place. Thus water mitigation is a crucial process in water damage restoration and cleanup.

Water mitigation can be broadly divided into two types: first is to control damage and the second is damage control during restoration. Damage control during the clean up phase is a critical process, because during that time, the objective of the water damage restoration work is to prevent further damage to the affected infrastructure. In case of minor damage, the mitigation team should provide immediate attention to the matter, take quick action and restore the affected infrastructure as quickly as possible. The mitigation team should first assess the extent of damage and take stock of the entire area of water intrusion. Based on the assessment, the damage control plan should be designed and implemented. This plan must include restoration objectives, procedures, site preparations, insurance claims, hiring of necessary water mitigation Denver CO professionals, reporting procedures to the controlling authority, and follow up activities.

Water mitigation can either be initiated to repair damaged structures before they become structurally unsound or to prevent further water intrusion. In the latter process, the mitigation team focuses on repairing damage done to infrastructure, while preventing further water intrusion by using drying techniques. Damaged structures can be restored to their original condition through this process called drying. Drying techniques include using dehumidifiers, using protective shields for doors, windows, walls and skylights, using water-based solutions to fabricate temporary structures and Permanent structure drying methods like metalizing and installing polyethylene sheets. These processes should be used in consultation with qualified experts to ensure that the drying process takes place in the right manner.

Repairing water damage problems on the ground level is a relatively easy process and is called carpet restoration. However, carpet restoration process is very difficult and expensive if the water source is from a upstairs floor of the house or if the water is seeped in the sub floor, which is usually the foundation. For such water damaged areas carpet restoration should be done on the foundation’s upper levels using water-based treatments such as dry cleaning. A carpet cleaning company should be hired to clean the carpets thoroughly and restore them to their original condition. A carpet cleaning company which specializes in basement water intrusion is the best option for this purpose.

There are other water damage mitigation issues like storm water seepage which causes roofs to become waterlogged and thus damaging the interior flooring of the house. In such cases, flood restoration services are required. In the initial stages, the home owner can contact the water mitigation company to carry out a mitigation plan on the basis of the damage. However, if the damage is extensive, it is mandatory for the home owner to hire the services of a reputed water damage restoration services company.

Water mitigation services should be availed in case of basement or crawl space waterproofing which is caused by either a slab leak or a penetrant water flow. In such cases, waterproofing is a complex process. It involves cleanup, repairing and restoration. A specialized agency dealing in water damage cleanup in this case is a necessity.

Water mitigation may sound costly but it need not be. In fact, it is an easy process that requires minimum maintenance and at the same time is cost-effective. For smaller expenses and in case of a small budget there are many affordable options for mitigation including the use of water absorbent mats which are available in different sizes and colors. These mats absorb the excess moisture and prevent further water penetration. Similarly, the use of dehumidifiers can save money on heating and cooling costs.

In case of major damages like cracking, water seepage and mold growth it is essential to hire a restoration contractor who can use advanced equipment to remove the affected areas and then dry and repair the damaged surfaces. These contractors can conduct the drying process in a professional manner and restore your property back to its former glory within no time. At the same time, they can perform mold remediation process and removal of contaminated materials from your building. It is best to hire a reputable water mitigation service provider for effective drying process as well as restoration.